Monday, August 24, 2009

H is for Henry

I decided to take on another project with some fun supplies I picked up at PaperSource. I found these craft paper letters and decided to decoupage one for my son's room. I used PaperSource's PVA (aka bookbinder's glue), but you could also use Modge Podge.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Licensed to Thrill

Do you ever see a license plate that seems to say something but you just can't figure it out? This always bugs me, but I'm amused when I can decipher it.

I especially love funny or ironic license plates. Recently, I was out and about when I saw an older Ford (or Mercury) Taurus with the plates "PHAT DOG" Well, you would think it belonged to a driver of a youthful age and , perhaps, a tough edge. Not so; it was someone's worn-around-the-edges grandpa driving.

I recently heard about a license plate that the Virginia DMV deemed offensive and would not issue. How did they miss this one then?: "WHATDF"

Maybe I should consider plates that read "CNFSD". Any idea what the heck that means? EDIT: Clearly I'm confused!